Donate to Living Languages

(formerly Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity)


Help us support more communities working hard to maintain their languages, and increase Indigenous peoples’ ownership of language revitalisation and documentation work

The knowledge of one’s heritage language(s) is crucial for a strong connection to culture, family, country, identity and community, and has a vital link to both physical and emotional wellbeing. Studies have proven that speaking an Indigenous language correlates with a stronger sense of self and wellbeing.

This link between language and wellbeing is so crucial that the United Nations declared 2019 to be the International Year of Indigenous Languages to raise awareness of the world’s many endangered languages.

Of the original 700-800 languages and language varieties spoken by Australia’s First Peoples, only 150 are spoken in varying capacities today, and almost all of them are severely endangered. By donating, you can help support the long-term maintenance of Australia’s first languages.


With your donation, you can contribute to Indigenous-led and community-run language projects across Australia.